We are getting strong, bullet-proof kinda strong and on a cellular level through simple skillful movement!

“The very act of ‘not squatting’ may be as important in terms of creating a biomechanical environment as squatting itself.”
– R.S. Kidd and C.E. Oxnard

I will be taking you through a series of easy to access movements to help you learn how to restore your alignment so you can do the things you love to do. We are squatting, pushing, pulling, rolling, balancing, carrying, lifting and learning how to rest and breathe in ways that support our whole-body health. This work is for all ages and all levels!

In one hour we transition between corrective work, bodyweight strength and natural movements as well as breath work and restorative positions. You will learn quickly where you’re not moving (when you’re moving) and where you’re compensating with excessive movement to get the job done. This is a relaxed and fun environment to learn and move!

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