"We see in order to move;
we move in order to see."


Move well. Move often.

Kick off your boots and come move with us.

My Intention
A little about why I'm so excited to get you moving.

I love that you love to walk, garden, to forage and to push yourself through sport. It turns out however that you can burpee, yoga, squat, run, leap, swim and more and still have parts that aren't moving. I'm not talking about the big parts you can see, I'm talking about many of the little parts you've forgotten. The ones that run deep to your core and affect your whole-body health. I am not teaching you how to lose weight, I'm teaching you how to feel vibrant again through movement that nurtures your intelligent design. This program isn't meant to change what you love, but it might - it might make it better than ever. This is a steadfast foundation on which you can build any movement modality from bodybuilding to a stroll by the beach. This work thrills me like you can't believe and I'm honored to be witness.

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Getting To The Goal

Apr/30 By

My goal has always been to be strong but how I get there has been forever altered in becoming a mother. I don’t have an hour a day to push